This is what I like to have when I write. 

But for most assholes they like to have the door open to the outside world, listening to the cars on the highway slam into each other like a pack of bulls that just got there nuts chopped off and are heading for the nearest cliff… 

or the sounds of the planes overhead with there engines revving like the daytona 500 sounding like they are going to crash into a fucking swamp!! 

I also like drinking while I am writing…that way my brain spits shit out without even thinking what the crayon is writing down...

My buddy walked in the other day while I was writing….and he asked “is that a bottle of o’douls you got there…you fucking pussy???

 I pretended to laugh

then I shattered the bottle over his head and said “no dickwash—you just ruined my concentration”

While his head was bleeding and while he was picking up pieces of shattered glass from the ground trying to throw them at me…I kept drinking and trying to write, until I decided I can only write when I don’t have any pricks around me trying to piss me off or verbally abuse me like an abusive father

Next time I’ll just escape to the mohave desert and write a fucking novel on how to beat up a rabid bat with a toothbrush…

It makes about as much sense as this fucking story!!!!


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