When I have to sink lower in life

like Will Smith’s movie career….. I go to the infamous place they call the laundry room, the place where hell was founded 18 billion years ago.

It seems whenever I go to do my laundry…The fucking washers are all being used like it’s a fucking national holiday!!

“Hey everyone this asswipe is about to wash his whitey tighties, let’s piss him right off by leaving our plague infested clothes in there for 37 days straight…then we we’ll leave them in the dryer until a fucking bonsai tree is growing out of them right to the god damn ceiling”….

I have laundry stacked up my bunghole…and the basket is overflowing like blood out of a 3 year old’s nose, after he ran his tricycle into a parked car!!

Kid’s these days you know??

The point is, next time I’ll just throw all my clothes that are dirty into a fucking bonfire in the middle of the woods….started by some sloppy drunk motherfuckers who think the more smoke piled up in the fucking air–means one day the aliens may send us a fucking message from the heavens…

What a bunch of dildo’s

Anyway, I’ll burn my dirty clothes like i’m in a cult…and buy new ones from K-Mart, at the going out of business sidewalk sales…

Then I’ll tell the cult leader to fuck off and die of gonnorhea…


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