Aren’t comics supposed to be funny and entertaining ??

there main purpose is to make people laugh, like carrot top getting beaten with a bat…or David Hasselhoff trying to eat a doublestack, while slurring shit that the Egyptians can’t even decipher

  So tell me why in the hell I picked up the comics the other day, and just sat there like a fucking mummy looking at himself in the mirror?

What a fucking joke people!!

I think the worst comic ever is Snoopy, yeah…he’s white and adorable and small, but so is my penis…how come millions of people don’t flock to me and at least read what my dick has to say…it has a B.A in business, so I think it qualifies for being a smart son of a bitch.

 But that’s not the point, I dislike Snoopy more than listening to William Hung slur the words to “she bangs–she bangs”

 I would be better off reading the Wall Street Journal, I think I would laugh more than a giggly bitch getting tickled by her pedophile grandpa.  Snoopy is a waste of time…including that fucking liitle yellow prick, that looks like big bird jizzed on a twinkie

 Then you have Charlie Brown…a mind of a 44 year old who’s balder than Dr. Phil…they happened to make a wonderful cartoon show on these characters, which I turned off as soon as I heard Charlie Brown speak, his voice is about as annoying as Gilbert Goddfried’s….who was voiced as the fucking parrot in the kid’s movie Aladdin

I saw Aladdin in the theater when it was huge, then three weeks later Return Of Jafar was released straight to video..What a unbelievable nightmare…here is a rundown for all the children at home!!! 

 It’s a love story basically, about a homeless guy and a princess….then they throw a fucking annoying bird into the loop as a bad guy. Then somehow a blue fucking genie pops up into the picture to add laughter…Voiced by Robin Williams, who’s about as funny as my pet hamster Tito, licking his balls then spinning on his wheel for 2 and a half hours…right before he goes to bed for three days straight, and doesn’t wake up until..I look down at my cat Scruffles, who’s chewing on something furry

    What a hell of a movie…………


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