Having some asshole for a boss is a huge fucking mistake, because all they do is piss on your ashes and make you sink lower and lower in life like your Lindsay Lohan

They tell you what to do, like a Nazi dictator taking off his belt buckle and whipping the shit out of little Jonas…because he spilled ice cream all over his god damn turtleneck…these bastards think they control the universe. You screw up once, then your going to the fucking electric chair.. if I wanted to get pushed around,  I would have joined the fucking military or volunteered to be a crash test dummy

Instead I’m a fucked up android with wires and buttons, who comes to work each day to play the game of “Who Wants To Get Ass Raped First” and the host is Hitler. These pricks look over your shoulder like a whore taking money out of your wallet, you don’t know it until you get your termination papers sitting in an envelope next to the time clock.

You look for Adolf…. to beat the shit out of him with a trash recepticle, but he’s hiding behind a fucking potted plant talking on the phone like it’s an important business meeting. When you pick up the other end…it’s nothing but a dial tone and him talking to himself like a hallucinogenic puppet show!!

After flight for life comes to take the mother fucker to the dumping grounds…your flipping the bird on your way out,  at every swamp donkey you never even liked in the first place….it was all a fucking hoax, putting on a smile for eight hours a day drove you to insanity

You mind as well hit your crotch with a fly swatter because it’s as pointless as this fucking story!!!



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