Portland what a great city!!! Not only does it rain more than a biblical flood, but it’s nice to walk down the street and see everyone’s face caved in looking like Skeletor   jobs1.jpg

because they don’t know how to say no to meth.

Ever since I came to this hell-hole I’ve been handed more shit than a Uganda Elephant trainer….I mind as well give up, like Ralph Macchio did with his movie career 

 I’m getting more responses from jobs, than Carrot Top getting free lap dances at the local whore house off 5th street…….NOTHING!!!!!!…. just like the messages on William Hung’s answering machine from record producer’s

What do I do now???  

That’s what Kurt Cobain asked right before he took a 12 guage to his fucking brain……. I don’t even have a dime to my name, I didn’t think the stock market crashed again did it?

only for me…

Either that, or I happened to stumble on a Tibetan Monk who cursed me…when I talked shit to him…and ripped the cloak off his back

  Who knows what’s next, I’ll just sit here and rot like the cess pool of filth that wander aimlessly downtown, why don’t employers hire a fucking Elephant to just stand around for 8 hours behind the desk and answer the phones…then we will teach him to punch in and out for lunch. 

I think it’s better than hiring someone who’s resume is more fucking unbelievable than the fucking CEO, but yet he get’s paid millions of dollars a day just to scratch his ass with a feather duster. And on top of that he can embezzle money and never get caught, because it’s his father’s company.

If you think about who lives in all these million dollar homes…you guessed it.

It’s not only the rich and famous, and the doctor’s and lawyers, but the bastard’s who cheat themselves through life.

Maybe I’ll just burrow back inside my hole…. and wait until all the elephants are extinct.


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