Doing dishes is always a fun fucking way to piss me off…if your ever in the mood to start a drug addiction this would be the best fucking reason possible!! 

I love it when there stacked up to the ceiling as far as a fucking hawk can see..the best part is when they have been sitting there for a billion years when king tut was giving himself handjobs….while the rest of his family was building tombs to house a fucking skeleton named -Maria Shriver

The food is now dried on the plate…and is harder to get off then Bill Clinton’s cum stain on Monica’s jacket…I’m scrubbing cheeto’s off a ceramic plate because the kid with a.d.d. can’t eat out of a fucking bag like the rest of the fucking human race……. 

All the while I’m getting cheese stains on my forehead, because the water’s splashing on me like I’m rolling down Niagra falls in a fucking barrel 

I eventually threw the son of a bitch out when bleach wouldn’t even do the trick!! Now I look like a lab experiment gone fucking  A.W.O.L… hands look like a pair of diseased midgets with the ebola virus, and my forehead is more watered down than a bottle of zima 

The best advice that I can give you is –turn yourself into the mental institute and hope for the best!!!


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