Joker’s Realm





My Hobbies

Shoulder Rolling Out Of A Speeding Car 

Drinking And Driving

Pushing Old People Downstairs and into oncoming traffic

Popping Balloons In Children’s Faces

Putting Canadian Pennies In The Vending Machine

Punching Goofy In The Nuts When I Go To Disneyworld

Cutting The Brake Lines on My Girlfriend’s Car

Placing Dynamite On My Friends BBQ Grill

Pouring Scolding Hot Water On My Windshield After it Ices Over

Destroying My Little Brother’s Toys… Running Over Them With The Hummer

Shuffle Board


Snake Throwing

Picking up animal feces

Wearing Turtleneck sweaters from the 17th century

Having My Dog Bite Me On The Skull After I Pinch It on the stomach

Mowing An 18 Acre Backyard…With A Manual Mower

Weed Wacking My Ankles Until They Bleed…And Then Pouring Lemon Juice On Them

 Giving Robots Medicine For Fuel

 Throwing Moldy Bread At Homeless People

Being An Asshole

Beating children with a sock full of dimes

Throwing hot grease on my brother while he’s sleeping

Yelling “Atom Bomb” to the Jap’s at the zoo

Wearing Speedo’s and wifebeater’s to Fancy restaurants

Throwing hand grenades at squirrels

Snapping birds necks like a tree branch





Who is this fucking Lunatic?? 

I am very large and Obtuse

I wear Glasses without a prescription

 I have a full blooded wolf that wakes me up at 6 in the morning everyday chewing on it’s back for 80 minutes.




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